Covid Animal Help Award - Celebrating Animal Protection Hero

The Covid-19 lockdowns necessitated unusual help from animal lovers to feed and care for street animals whose regular feeding spaces were suddenly empty or whose regular protectors were prohibited from travelling or moving around to help.  Consideration will be given to individuals who organised feeding or rescue programs with maximum reach, using human resources in their communities. Individuals who generated funds for additional feeding by posting inspirational and regular appeals on social media may be considered with supporting documentation of impact.

  • Eligible nominees: You will be considered for this award if you were able to provide a minimum of 100 meals per day to stray animals in the community in the last 12 months and if you do not play an active part in a registered Animal NGO.
  • Selection process: All applications received by the deadline will be reviewed by the FIAPO Awards Subcommittee. The selected awardees will be notified by 15th January, 2022.
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