The IFA 2022 (India For Animals) Conference is Here!

India For Animals Conference is an extension of FIAPO; a gateway to the intersection of animals, humans and environmental rights with a mission to encompass liberation and freedom.

We invite you to one of the biggest virtual conferences in India for animal protection, which gives a boost to limitless networking opportunities across the nation, initiated by FIAPO, an apex federation of animal protection organisations.

The conference acts as a platform for grassroots activists, industry experts, practitioners, philanthropists, Influencers, and Animal Protection NGOs across the country along with prominent speakers!

An array of exciting and insightful topics are paramount to building a holistic approach. From sustainable farming, aquaculture, animal rights, climate change, plant-based alternatives to the intersectionality between animals and humans.

We want this conference to be accessible to anyone and everyone who wants to join the bandwagon to help the animals – and hence, entry to the event is absolutely FREE!

So Hurry and Register Now!