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The India for Animals (IFA) conference is an extension of FIAPO’s work to strengthen the animal protection movement in the country. It seeks to bring together grassroots activists, industry experts, practitioners, philanthropists, influencers, and Animal Protection NGOs across the country, which makes it a platform for limitless networking.

India for Animals 2022 will be a virtual conference, held on 29-30 January 2022. With an estimated participation of 1,000 – including, for the first time, youth animal rights activists – it is one of the biggest conferences in India for animal protection.

The conference brings together renowned speakers and an array of exciting and insightful topics designed to build a holistic approach to animal rights: from a deep dive into specific issues such as aquaculture, to broad themes such as the intersectionality between animal and human rights.

We want this conference to be accessible to anyone and everyone who wants to join the bandwagon to help the animals – and hence, entry to the event is absolutely FREE!

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