Ambuj is a lawyer with 17 years’ experience, practicing primarily at the Courts in New Delhi. He studied Law at National Law Institute University, Bhopal. He turned Vegan in 2018, and thus started his journey for Animals. He advises FIAPO on various Animal Welfare and Animal Rights’ issues and was instrumental in filing the case challenging the provisions of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act that permit use of Animals in Circuses, before the Delhi High Court. He also supports Animal Welfare activities and Animal Rights activism in many ways through philanthropy.

Session Name
Animals and the law

Session Duration
30 minutes

Session Day & Time (IST)
29th January 2022, 11.30 AM- 12.00 PM

Session Brief
This session will shed light on the existing PCA Act, its inadequacy in bringing justice to animals in India, the loopholes, lack of implementation, the sections need to be amended, choice of words used and how the new act can be framed so that it addresses the issues at hand as well as how the movement for animals needs to change its perspective from animal welfare to animal rights.

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