Abhay Rangan


Abhay Rangan has been a champion of animal rights in India since the age of 16. After running a successful non-profit focused on veganism throughout his teen years, he launched Goodmylk in 2016 with a mission of making affordable cruelty-free dairy alternatives. Rangan originally created each Goodmylk product with his mother in their home kitchen, but their plant-based foods now reach thousands of families across the country. Abhay carries the distinction of having made the Forbes 30 under 30 list twice. He was India’s first vegan entrepreneur to do so.

Session Name
Wish I had thought of that – Building a Better World – Plant-Based Industries in India

Session Date & Time (IST)
29th January 2022, 6.05 PM- 6.20 PM

Session Brief
Abhay Rangan will be sharing his journey and the bright idea that sparked the thought behind Goodmylk, how he wishes to scale his business and his advice for others who’d like to start/bolster their Vegan Business.

Website : www.goodmylk.in

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Instagram : @abhay.rangan.
Twitter : @abhayrangan.


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