Bharati Ramachandran


Bharati Ramachandran is a resource mobilization and communications expert who has worked with nonprofits in South Asia and Africa for 21 years. Her specific focus has been on strengthening rights-based civil society foundations, NGOs, networks, and grassroots groups. Before joining FIAPO, she ran a social enterprise called Barapani, which was instrumental in developing the capacities of grassroots rights organisations, including in tough geographies like Afghanistan. Bharati has been associated with FIAPO as a volunteer for over a decade and consulted with FIAPO for 18 months before joining in a formal capacity. She is a huge advocate for animal rights, with a keen interest in the intersection of rights movements.

Session Name
On the federation

Session Date & Time (IST)
29th January 2022, 4:50-5:20 PM

Session Brief
In this session, Bharati will talk about the role of a federation in strengthening the animal protection movement as a whole, and in its individual parts. The session will cast a vision of what coordinated advocacy, unified representation, aggregated research, and collaboration can achieve, and how FIAPO sees itself in that vision of a just world for all animals. 

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