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Jaishree Kannan, a qualified counsellor and has a Master’s degree in social work with over 17yrs. of experience working with various child &Family welfare projects in Mumbai & amp; Chennai. When the third stage ovarian cancer relapsed within 9 months after her first treatment in 2008, she realised that she needed to go beyond her treatment and needed to look within for her own healing.

As part of this healing journey, she completed an NLP Practitioner course, an Inner child Therapist course and trained to become a ‘HEAL YOUR LIFE’ workshop leader and a Life coach. She is now a certified whole plant-based nutritionist from E-Cornell University and has a sound knowledge of Whole plant-based nutrition and its healing effects on an individual’s health.As a wellness coach and cancer coach she helps people to connect with themselves and become aware of their own strength and body’s healing power.

Session Name
Be kind to yourself- Identifying and Managing Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

Session Duration
60 minutes

Session Day & Time (IST)
30th January 2022, 4:30- 5:30 PM

Session Brief
Jaishree Kannan will focus on stress, anxiety and eventual burnout that the Animal Welfare workers in India go through and basic techniques to manage compassion fatigue

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