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Mr. Vivek Sharma heads the Gandhi Fellowship Programme at Kaivalya Foundation. Prior to that he was heading Pratham Education Foundation, North India and was on the Executive Council of Piramal Foundation (Education, Water & Health.) He started his career as a media person and has worked earlier in the advisory capacity of multiple startups working for social change. In the last decade has lectured on Education and Leadership at several institutions, including IITs in Mumbai, Delhi, Guwahati, Kharagpur; and IIM Ahmedabad. He was invited to teach a Masters course in Development Communication in Delhi University. He went to Pakistan on multiple occasions to work with NGOs and University of Lahore on educational research and projects. He has conducted workshops with education administrators at various levels across the country.

Session Name
Breakaway Session – Leadership Development

Session Duration
60 minutes

Session Day & Time (IST)
29th January 2022, 3:15-4:15 PM

Session Brief
In this session, Vivek Sharma will focus on overcoming fears, reaching out to the community and developing skills for collaboration, the target audience (predominantly) being Animal Protection Organisations, Campaign Managers, coordinators, activists and volunteers. 

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Facebook : @kef.guj

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