Street Animal Care Award

This award celebrates the individual who has protected street animals through rescue, medical aid, or other means. Special consideration will be given to those taking the help of volunteers whom they have recruited; securing the services of veterinary professionals for serious cases; raising or donating funds to purchase medicines and equipment; and learning how handling and case-management techniques, thereby enabling animals to progress from hurt to healed. This award is not intended for animal feeders. Those who have facilitated spay-neuter and anti-rabies vaccinations would be considered.

  • Eligible nominees: You will be considered for this award if you have affected the lives of at least 100 stray animals in the last 12 months and have material in support of your achievements (articles, news items, videos, medical bills, involvement in animal welfare projects, other recognitions, etc.) if you were to qualify. This award will be given to an individual and not someone who works as a part of a registered NGO.
  • Selection process: All applications received by the deadline will be reviewed by the FIAPO Awards Subcommittee. The selected awardees will be notified by 15th January 2022.
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